Looking  for information about important immigration processes regarding  such as how to obtain K-1 (fiance)  or K-3 or CR-1 (marriage) visas, or need answers to your questions regarding legal  services for immigration including Same Sex Marriage?

Consult with the best...the immigration attorneys at AmeriLawGroup. It  is the job of an immigration  attorney to assist in the process of obtaining important legal  documentation to enter the United States,   or become a permanent resident of the United States. Some of these  documents include Green Cards, K-1 fiancé visas, and K-3 or CR-1 visas, also  known as fiance and spouse or marriage visas.

Immigration attorneys at the AmeriLawGroup  specialize in assisting people with applying for and filling out these forms  plus assisting you in providing the complete backup documentation which must  accompany the form and with documenting the validity of your relationship (one  of the most important factors often overlooked) so that all of the necessary  information is included and all of the proper steps are followed to ensure that  the process for whatever your immigration needs are go smoothly and without  interruption the first time.

Some of these processes can take several months,  so it is important that everything be done correctly so that it does not have  to take any longer than it has to. Consulting with an immigration attorney may not be necessary  for everyone; for example, if you are just planning on traveling to and  visiting the United States for a short period of time since it may not be  necessary to obtain a visa for some countries and or to obtain it directly at  the consulate/embassy in the visitor’s country. If you are unsure about whether  or not you need the assistance of immigration attorneys, contact AmeriLawGroup to speak with an  experienced immigration  attorney or check out some of these frequently asked questions to see if  your question(s) have already been answered.  There is no charge for initial  consultations.

With AmeriLawGroup immigration attorneys  you can feel confident that all of your visa  questions concerning K-1 or K-3 or CR-1 visas will be explained to you in a  clear and concise manner and that all of the proper steps will be competed in a  timely and professional manner a at very reasonable cost.