Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Adjustment of Status

Frequently Asked Questions About Adjustment of Status and the Permanent Residency/Green Card (including Same Sex)

At AmeriLaw Group, we have the expertise and up to the minute knowledge of the laws and regulations regarding the process of obtaining Legal Permanent Residency (LPF) / Green Cards through adjusting status. We will make it a fast and affordable process.

What is Adjustment of Status?
  • It is a process to adjust your status with the USCIS from a visa holder (or other legal status) to a permanent resident/green card holder.
  • Every case is different; we would be happy to discuss your particular fact situation with you in a free consultation.
If my last entry into the US was legal but I have overstayed my visa can I still apply for an adjustment of status/green card?
  • Yes, if your last entry was legal then in most circumstance an overstay will not preclude your applying to adjust your status to permanent resident/green card holder
Do I have to be present in the US to apply?
  • Yes
How long does it take to receive the green card?
  • It takes approximately 5-6 months depending on USCIS workload
Can I work while my green card application is pending?
  • Yes, if you apply for a temporary work permit.
Can I travel outside the US while my application for the green card is pending?
  • Yes, if you apply for a temporary travel permit (also known as advance parole) and have not overstayed your visa before you applied.
How long does it take to obtain the temporary work or travel permits?
  • Approximately 4 weeks from the time of filing for adjustment of status. The work and travel permits are obtained by filing for them at the same time as the adjustment. There will be no extra legal or filing fees if we do it for you at the same time as your adjustment of status.

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