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As the AmeriLawGroup immigration attorney, I work personally with each client from the first filing to the last. I recognize that each case is unique, and I make myself available to answer any questions my clients have, and to provide the guidance they need. It is my pleasure to help my clients unite with their loved ones here in the United States, and I look forward to working with you.

Best wishes, Calvin Knickerbocker Attorney at Law Calvin Knickerbocker

We work with clients in all parts of the United States using electronic tools and a personal attention to all aspects of the filing process. It is our goal to create a personal relationship with each client to ensure a successful outcome for each one. Our testimonials page will tell you what experiences our clients have had with our service, in their own words, and give you an idea of what to expect from AmeriLawGroup.

We have designed this website to answer many of your questions and to outline the procedures for obtaining a visa, adjustment of status, or one of our other services. You will find that each page provides unique information and may be accessed from any other page within the website.
Our clients find our site to be very user-friendly as well as informative.

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Calvin Knickerbocker, an experienced California K1 visa attorney with over 35 years of service, will be your direct contact. He will provide a free initial consultation, set up your confidential account, and will personally guide you through the whole application process. As a client you will be able to contact him by phone using his direct line or email him directly with any questions you may have. Please go to the ABOUT US page for more information about Mr. Knickerbocker and AmeriLawGroup. You will find links to the Better Business Bureau's ratings of this firm, the California Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. After reviewing these sites, you will feel confident about trusting your case with AmeriLawGroup and Mr. Knickerbocker.


  • The first step is a complimentary consultation with California K1 visa lawyer Calvin Knickerbocker. This important interview will determine what forms need to be filed, and other strategic actions need to be taken.
  • Upon your approval of the fee agreement, and payment of the legal fees, your personal file is opened, and the necessary forms will be sent to you electronically via email along with complete directions regarding their completion.
  • AmeriLawGroup will also provide complete descriptions and advice regarding the other documents that need to be assembled and submitted with your forms. Each case is unique, and this personal aspect of our service is very important for success!
  • All forms are completed by the client electronically and are then reviewed line by line by us to assure proper completion and accuracy.
  • The approved forms are then mailed by the client along with the required filing fees to the USCIS.
  • After approval by the USCIS, the appropriate Embassy/Consulate for those clients seeking a Fiance or Marriage Visa, will be contacted, the required forms will be reviewed, and other specific requirements will be defined and addressed. Language and medical issues, if any, will be taken into account and an interview will be scheduled at the Embassy/Consulate.
  • California K1 visa lawyer Calvin Knickerbocker will assist your fiance in preparing for the interview to assure a positive outcome and issuance of the Permanent Residence/Green Card. Depending on the country, the average time for issuance of the visa is 5 to 6 months from the initial filing.

FOR A MORE COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF THESE PROCEDURES, please visit the pages that address your issues, or contact Mr. Knickerbocker directly for a free consultation either by email or by phone.

  • "Hi Cal, I guess I forgot to follow up, but Josefina was approved on the day of her interview and her passport was sent back to her in a matter of days from that point. She is already here and we want to thank you for all your help. Everything went smooth it was just more of a waiting game."
  • "What I am certain of, is that hooking up with Cal will be the best money you have ever spent! He is personable, highly professional, and reeks of integrity, along with offering an easily-understood 100% money-back guarantee that your "K-1" Visa for your fiance' WILL BE ISSUED, (provided you follow the tedious guidelines proffered by Mr. Knickerbocker)."
  • "I've just received this approval notice! I am so elated I am crying. I continuously relied on your expertise while building our case and I am sincerely grateful for your assistance, patience and advice. Thank you so much Cal!!!!"
  • "Hours after picking up her visa packet - Ariadne was on a plane. She'll arrive in LAX tonight. Thanks for your great guidance."
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