U.S. Citizenship Application for Naturalization

  • What is it? It is a process wherein an eligible permanent resident files forms and supporting documents and proves being of good character and with a knowledge of English and American Civics. The result of this process is that the permanent resident becomes a Naturalized United States Citizen with all the rights and responsibilities of a natural born US citizen.
  • How do I get it? The process of obtaining US citizenship in most cases begins with the filing of an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400). However, this is just the first step and your Attorney will help and counsel you along the way to success, acceptance and citizenship.
    • Most cases involve an eligible permanent resident applying for citizenship
    • Suppose you are a permanent resident; what does “eligible” mean?
      • There are many factors which can affect your eligibility and your Attorney will review your facts and background to determine is you are eligible. Here are a few of the major factors which may affect your eligibility to apply:
Pathways to U.S. Citizenship

Note: since the most commonly used path to U.S. citizenship involves as person who is a permanent resident of at least 5 years and applies to become a naturalized US citizen. Our example below will focus on this fact situation; other pathways however are available which include:

  • Permanent residents who are the spouses of US citizens. (Note: the pre-application period is reduced to 3 years for this class of applicant)
  • Permanent residents in the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) and certain qualifying members of their family.
  • Children of citizens or permanent residents
  • There are a number of other lesser used pathways as well. Please call to discuss the details of your situation.

We will use an example to clarify the issues and solutions; please see below:

In Our Example : you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) who has had residence in the US for 5 years. As an overview the requirements for being eligible to apply for citizenship are:

  • You have lived continuously in the US as a permanent resident for the five year period (3 years for spouses of US citizens) immediately BEFORE you file your N-400 application. Note: you do not have to be within the borders of the US for a continuous 5 year period. You would be eligible to apply if your legal residence was in the US for that full 5 years and you were physically present in the US for only a total of 30 months during that 5 years before filing your application. Caution: being absent from the US can cause problems with your permanent resident status; give AmeriLawGroup a call to discuss the details of how to avoid this.
    • you must be physically present in your state or district in the US for at least 3 months prior to the filing of your application.
    • You must continue to reside in the US from the time your applications is filed until your application is approved and you are sworn in as a new United States Citizen.
      • Note: Other “special rules” and accommodations are available for students, employees, workers, investors and minor children. Also, members of the military and others often receive special consideration and waiver of requirements; please call to discuss these in detail.
  • You must be at least eighteen years of age at the time you file your N-400 application for citizenship
  • You must prove through testing and or personal examination and interview that you have a basic understanding of civics and how the US government works and that you can read, speak and write English to a reasonable level.
  • You must be of good character and willing to swear allegiance to the United States and its principals.

Why do I want it? Ok, so we have applied for and been approved for US citizenship, we have taken our tests and undergone our interview(s) and been sworn in as a new citizen of the United States.

What Are Your New Rights and Responsibilities?

Some of your new rights are:

  • You have the right to freedom of speech on any subject at any reasonable time and place. Others may not infringe on this right nor you on the rights of others
  • You may worship with any religion you wish, or not worship any religion at all if you wish and all are protected from persecution by others because of their religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • You may now vote in local, state and federal elections and freely support others who do notwithstanding how unusual, or even bizarre, your positions or views may be…but Caution: you may not infringe the rights of others in doing so.
  • You may work in government jobs requiring US citizenship
  • You may run for election
  • You are entitled to a fair and speedy trial decided by a jury of your peers; you may not be held unreasonably, nor treated unfairly, before your trial, nor subjected to any cruel or unusual punishments or incarcerations. In criminal cases you have a right to an attorney to represent you, without charge if necessary.
But Rights Do Not Come Without Responsibilities and That Includes Citizenship.

Some of your responsibilities as a US citizen will be:

  • To defend the Constitution of the United States and its principals
  • To vote and stay informed of the issues on the ballot so you can vote in a meaningful and thoughtful way.
  • Know your community and the democratic processes which allow you to, under the constitution, pursue “life, liberty and happiness”; and participate in them.
  • Respect our laws and the rights of others and if given the opportunity to serve on a jury serve when called
  • Pay your lawful taxes honestly and when due
  • If need be, defend our country when called
AmeriLawGroup and Citizenship Services


Our relationships with our clients are also very important to us. Please review our TESTIMONIALS PAGE and see what our clients have to say!

What does AmeriLawGroup do to make sure my citizenship application is approved and I am proudly sworn in as a new American Citizen?

Here, in summary, is AmeriLawGroup’s pathway to your citizenship:

Our Platinum Citizenship Service Includes:

  • Free confidential phone consultation with an Amerilawgroup immigration attorney.
    • Your attorney will work with you, guide you, and advise you, each step of the way; and your Attorney is always available to answer questions
  • Preparation and review of all USCIS forms before filing.
    • Your Attorney will review all forms, line by line, edit as necessary, and make Sure they are correct and accepted…the first time!
  • Full supporting initial documentation review by your attorney.
    • We will coach you on what is needed, where to find it, and what to do with it.
    • USCIS does not just “take your word for it” that you are eligible for citizenship; YOU have to prove it and we will make sure you do!
  • Assistance in final assembly and filing of your Citizenship Application Package:
    • We must submit your Citizenship Application Package in the format which will assure full and prompt consideration, and USCIS acceptance…the first time!
    • We will help you navigate this confusing process!...and we are always ready to answer your questions as we move forward.
    • Since many documents are not wholly in English (they must be or they will not be accepted) you must have all of them translated. This can be expensive so we will assist you in obtaining these translations…for free!
  • Full Interview support and other required assistance until the Citizenship Application is approved. It is discretionary with the USCIS as to whether they will require more than one interview. If background questions are raised we will counsel you in successfully answering them.
  • Your Application is approved and you are sworn in as a new United States Citizen.

AmeriLawGroup looks forward to helping you become a Citizen of the United States of America and enjoying the rights, and fulfilling the responsibilities, that come with it.

Client Reviews
Hello Cal, Just wanted to thank you for all your help...Just let me know if i can ever help you in the future as you certainly great help to me and Conney in this fiance visa process. I have restored and remodeled homes and also have ten years accounting background if you ever need the favor returned California would not be a bad place to take a volunteer vacation too with my fiance of course. Have a great week, Martin M.
Dear Cal, But a quick note to advise you that our petition for a K-1 visa for my fiance' has been approved...and you also might appreciate the fact that my submission was received by The Department Of Homeland Security on 28 September 2009 and approved on 26 October; [thus, only 28-days in the pipeline from their acceptance until their written approval]. I did exactly as you advised me to do and it apparently paid off. The average time for the Vermont office to respond is roughly 3-months+. We did good!!! Bruce B.
Calvin: Thanks for the notification. You have been awesome. Do you mind if I mention your firm on the Thai Chat Boards I subscribe to? People are always looking for representation to get Visas? Thanks. John.
Hi Cal, I guess I forgot to follow up with, but Josefina was approved on the day of her interview and her passport was sent back to her in a matter of days from that point. She is already here and we want to thank you for all your help. Everything went smooth it was just more of a waiting game. Best Regards. Anonymous