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The following are a few of the recent comments made by Amerilawgroup clients. Full names, and some email text, are omitted to preserve client confidentiality. The comments are updated frequently.



We would like to thank you for your expertise and support throughout our experience obtaining our K1 visa. Today Melanie had her interview at the US Embassy in Manila  and she was approved. Needless to say we are very happy and looking forward to starting our life here in Arizona.

Just wanted to thank you again...have a great weekend and God bless.

- Roland and Melanie

*Hello Calvin,

Gisele and I married. Thank you for making the immigration process smooth in Brazil. There were other couples at the consulate in Rio de Janeiro who were not as well prepared. Please advise on your fee for continued support and what steps we need to take.

- Leonard

*Hi Calvin,

Thanks so much for your response…by the way, your 14 page info packet and samples and tips are really great.

- John and Lorena

*Hi Cal,

Hope all is good. Just a quick email to metion Luba got the green card last week. Thanks for your help…

I have recommended my friend Sam X to contact you and use your law service.

Kind regards

- Sacha X

*Hi Cal,

I'm happy to say that we've completed the immigration process and my wife and daughter now have their Permanent Residence cards. It was somewhat overwhelming, along with all the other things that we have/had on our plate, so it was nice to have you there to answer my many questions. I can't even imagine how long this might have taken if I had to make an appointment with Immigration every time I had yet another question/s. You've saved us hours and days of precious time. Thanks so much for all your help! You truly have a valuable service to offer those having to go through this harrowing process. You can add us as a success for your track record. ;)


My family wants to extend our gratitude for you in assisting to attain my wife's adjustment of status.

- Matt

*I just faxed over our approved petition :)

Thank you so much for everything!

- Meg

*Thank you! We are so grateful for all your help!

- Beth
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*Hi cal,

i just would like to say thank you for the help of my fiance. she got approved on april 12th. she got her visa already . she will be arriving here on june 19th.

 Thank you once again.

- Carrnell


I want to inform you that we were notified by text, email and the US Postal Service that our I-129F Petition was approved, no RFEs :-). I want to thank you for your excellent K1 Visa program. We followed the instructions to the letter. I have recommended your services on a popular visa support website numerous times.

- Igor


We were approved today. I am so happy I cant stand it

*Hi Cal

I just received the receipt from USCIS That they received the Petition for P…..o from me on 3/30/11. I am soooooo excited! I can't wait for him to be here. Thank you so much for all of your help and being part of our dream!

- Meg

*Mr. Robert R….:

you help me and my wife Benette with her status her for marriage from Japan ,,, ,,,,,, thank you for helping me and my wife,, she is now working and happy as a bee. Once again thank you for all your help, my wife got her green card and work permit last year in Oct. of 2010, it would not of been possible if we had not found you. You are a life saver and will aways keep you in our prayers and will aways remember you. Look foward of hearing from you soon and once again thankj you dearly Sir.

*Thank You for all your help and staying on top of all this for us


- Bob & Diana

*Dear Mr Knickerbocker,

My fiancee received a visa!!! Thank you very much!

- Eugeni

*Thanks Cal, your service has been very helpful.

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*Hi there again :)

Sorry i forgot to tell you something very important.  Would like to say thank you for helping us out for me to get there to the USA, i am grateful that somebody like you could be use by God to help those who are needing like these things to get done well. May God Bless you more and may He also bless this procedure that we need to get through :)

Thanks again for your kindness and God Bless You.

- D


*A special note about Adjustment of Status/green cards, Removal of conditions and Citizenship:

This is a time of change in the area of immigration law and practice. Old methods, delay and less than perfect work in submitting applications and Petitions can have a very negative effect on the rights and privileges of both American citizens and their loved ones. 

There are many millions of persons now in the U.S. who may otherwise qualify to apply for a conditional or permanent green card and or U.S. citizenship but who, for one reason or another, have not “gotten around to it”.  For some of these persons their visas have expired and they are now out of status as an Over Stay (please click here to go to my site page regarding overstays, the problems and what to do about it). 

Historically there have been few times in our country’s history when the path to fully participating in American life is less clear.  We use “immigration specialized tools” to assure that your applications or Petition is processed quickly and with the utmost accuracy. We then use our 35+ years experience to work with you to make sure all supporting documents are as required and properly submitted to assure our success. It is strongly advised that if you qualify, or even think you may qualify, for a green card that you give us a call to discuss your options.

We do not charge for this initial consultation. If we can assist you, great! If not, then at least you will know where you stand.

*A special note about fiance and marriage visas:

Being in the US while your loved ones are still in a different country is never an ideal situation for anyone, especially if that person is your fiancé or spouse. It is hard enough to have a relationship while in the same country, let alone one that spans thousands of miles of land and across miles and miles of ocean.

If you are trying to get your fiancé or spouse to America, but have become frustrated with all of the paperwork, a lack of funds, or just overall lack of help or inaccessibility to someone who is knowledgeable in these kinds of affairs, it is important that you know that acquiring visas and other immigration documentation is not something that you have to do by yourself.

AmeriLawGroup attorneys to get clients and their special loved ones together again in the United States, and to do it quickly and affordably.  Our immigration attorneys not only helps people with all of the paperwork that is necessary to obtain visas, but they also help make sure that you or your significant other is prepared for interviews and any other steps that you may have to take during the visa process to ensure that everything goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible, the first time.

Start the entire process of acquiring a visa the right way and contact us at the AmeriLawGroup.

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