Petition To Remove Conditions From a Two Year Conditional Green Card (Lawful Permanent Resident / LPF)

Flat legal fee for attorney prepared Platinum Service totals $750


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My Platinum Service Provides:
  • Free confidential phone consultation with Calvin Knickerbocker, Immigration Attorney. I will work with you, guide you and advise you, each step of the way.

  • Full supporting documentation assistance with full review and examples as needed

  • Assistance in assembling your personal information and documentation required for the filing of your Petition to Remove Conditions. I will help you navigate this confusing process

  • Assistance in preparing documents to establish the validity of Petition and eligibility to apply for Removal, (eligibility times and circumstances vary greatly based of the basis of application). I will help you in assembling the documents to Prove you are eligible for Removal of Conditions, (they do not take your word for it) and to successfully apply.

  • Interview preparation and support until the Removal and New 10 year Green Card are issued. It is discretionary with the USCIS as to whether they will require more than one interviews. If background questions are raised about you I will counsel you in successfully addressing them.

  • Assistance with required translations. I will tell you how you can get this done without cost

Our Fees:

The TOTAL AmeriLawGroup legal fee for the Petition for Removal of Conditions is $750.00.

Note: Fees may be paid with any major credit card. You may enter your card information by clicking here and using Google Pay or by calling our direct phone number at (707) 481-3204. We can also send you a PayPal request.

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