Brief Summary of My Firm, My Services and My Fees

As a service to my potential clients I have answered some of the questions stated below which you may still have about AmeriLawGroup, myself, the process and the costs of obtaining your visa. I hope the answers are helpful.

If you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them.


Calvin A. Knickerbocker Jr.
Attorney at Law
Phone: (707) 481-3204

Question: Many other law firms have much higher fees. How can you afford to do a professional job for such a low fee?

Answer: I work personally with each of my clients. Each client has a direct phone number and email address to contact me. I keep my overhead low and use the latest in technology to make the process very efficient. My 35 years of legal experience has taught me how to do a professional job in a fast and efficient manner. This benefits both myself and my clients and allows me to offer these services at a reasonable price.

Question: Where is your law office located?

Answer: My law offices are located in St. Helena, California, USA, which is just North of San Francisco, California.

Question: Does it matter if you are in California and I am in some other state or country?

Answer: No, I service clients from many states and countries by using the latest in electronic tools such as special immigration software, email, fax and telephone. This makes the process fast and efficient for me and my clients

Question: Who would be handling my case?

Answer: I will be personally handling your case. I do not use paralegals. I will be available for personal phone or email consultation with you about your case.

Question: How long have you been in practice?

Answer: I have been admitted to practice law in California and before the Federal Courts of the United States since 1972. If you would like to verify my California State Bar status please go to the California State Bar site for my listing here.

Question: How much time does it take to get my visa?

Answer: As a general estimate for a fiancé visa or a marriage visa it will take us approximately 5.5 months (our average). This varies from case to case, but this is a reasonable estimate based on what I see happening in my cases currently. It almost always takes less time than stated on the USCIS web site. We will be happy to discuss with you how this works in a conference call at your convenience.

Question: How much are the total fees, when are they paid and what do you do for that fee?

Answer: The fees paid to the USCIS for a fiance visa are $340.00 and for a marriage visa they are $420.00 These fees are paid to the US government at the time the first Petition is filed. Our fees are in addition to this and are as shown below.

Fiance and Marriage Visas:

Our Platinum Service: Prepare all forms which must be filed with the USCIS in the initial US filing to start the process. Assist in obtaining, and review, all of the supporting documentation which must accompany the initial USCIS filings.

After your initial petition is approved your fiancé or spouse will be requested by the embassy or consulate in his/her home country to prepare and submit additional forms and supporting documents. I will assist you and your fiancé or spouse in preparing these forms and obtaining the documents requested by the embassy or consulate.

I also provide your fiancé or spouse support with his/her interview at the consulate. We will start with a comprehensive booklet I have developed based on my experience which describes the Interview process, what to say (or not to say) sample questions, dress, etc. and other things to make your fiance or spouse comfortable (and successful) at the interview. If a personal conference with me for your fiance or spouse is needed, (with or without translator) I will be happy to arrange this.

My flat, one time, legal fee for these services for either the fiance or the marriage visa is $1200.

Each case is different and I would be happy to talk to you about yours. Our office is open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We are in the Pacific Time Zone in California. Please call on my “Direct to me” phone number at (707) 481-3204.

You will not be placed on hold or interviewed by someone’s paralegal; I will answer your call directly. If I am busy with another client I will return your call within 24 hours. I look forward to talking to you about your case.

Thank You,

Cal Knickerbocker
Attorney at Law
Phone Direct: (707) 481-3204

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